Rules of accommodation

1. Stay

1.1 There is a restaurant in the hotel, where breakfast for guests is served. The cost of breakfast in included into the rate. Opening hours of the restaurant
07:00 – 10:00 on weekdays 08:00 – 11:00 on weekends
At any time the receptionist can take on order for a room service according to the menu, which one can find in a room.

1.2 Children under 14 can stay for free if they do not need an extra bed. Children under 14 are to be accompanied by their parents or their authorized delegate.

1.3 Upon request and with consent of the hotel’s administration the guests may bring visitors from 08:00 until 23:00. The visitor must present their id to the receptionist.

1.4 If the visitor stays after 23:00 or the guest brings an unauthorized person after 23:00, they must be checked-in to the hotel according to the hotel rates. Visitors and unauthorized people are not allowed to stay at the hotel without the consent of the administration.

1.5 Bed linens, towels and toiletries are changed daily. Upon request the bed linens can be changed at extra cost.

1.6 No moving of the furniture without the administration consent is allowed.

1.7 The hotel reserves the right to refuse to check-in a guest, if the latter refuses to submit an identity document or in a state of extreme intoxication or drug intoxication.

2. Responsibilities and authority of the Hotel

2.1 The hotel must inform a guest about the services and the order payment.

2.2 The following services are provided for free for the hotel’s guest:
- Call the ambulance and other emergency services
- Using the first aid kit.
- Delivery to the room the correspondence addressed to his guest upon receiving.
- wake up call
- Providing boiled water, needles and thread, one set of dishes and cutlery.
- deposit safe box
- calling a taxi

2.3 The Hotel offers commercial services at extra cost upon agreement of the guest.

2.4 In case of finding forgotten things the Hotel takes measures to return them to their owners.

2.5 The Hotel is not responsible for city services work (emergency power cutoff, heating or water supply shutdown), but takes all measures to eliminate emergency in the hotel.

2.6 The Hotel is not responsible for the loss of valuables left in the room if a guest was not following these accommodation rules.

2.7 The Hotel’s administration reserves the right to enter the rooms without guests consent in case of smoke, fire, flooding and violation these accommodation rules, public order or rules of usage of appliances.

2.8 The Hotel has the right to terminate the accommodation contract at discretion or refuse to prolong the stay in case of violation the accommodation rules, late payment or property damage.

2.9 If a guest is absent more than 24 hours (or 6 hours later their check-out time) the Hotel administration makes property inventory and is responsible for guest’s valuables (money, jewelry, documents). All other belongings are to be placed in a safe deposit box.

2.10 The Hotel has the right to refuse the check-in a person living in Samara or Samara region.

2.11 The Hotel is obliged to hand the book reviews and suggestions to the customer at their request. In case of complaints administration takes all possible measures to settle the conflict, provided by the legislation.

2.12 In cases not covered by the present rules, the Hotel and the Client shall be governed by applicable Russian legislation.

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