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Check-in and Check-out rules

1. General statements

1.1 These rules regulate the relationship between the Client and the Hotel in providing services by Hotel "Graf Orlov".

1.2 Hotel is intended for temporary residence of people, the period of residence is agreed with the hotel in advance. The Hotel is open 24/7.

1.3 Check-out time: 12 hours.

2. Booking, checking-in and payment

2.1 Booking is free of charge and can be done via telephone, e-mail and booking systems of the Internet. A guest chooses room category, but the Hotel makes the choice of a specific room. If a guest is late for more than 24 hours, their reservation is cancelled.

2.2 To confirm booking the Hotels sends Booking confirmation with the guest’s details, category of the room, total cost and length of stay. In case of booking via online booking systems the confirmation is sent automatically.

2.3 Guests check-in upon presentation of a passport after accepting the current rules.

2.4 The order of checking-in is established by the Hotel. To speed up the registration process, Hotel Administrator can make a copy of the identity document with the consent of the customer.

2.5 Walk-in guests are checked-in before the check-out time only if there are available rooms. Check-out time - 12:00 the following day. The fee for accommodation is charged per day regardless of how many hours during a guest stayed at the Hotel.

2.6 Check-out time - 12:00 local time. At the end of the agreed period of stay the guest is obliged to leave the room. If the guest wishes to extend the length of stay, it is necessary to inform the administrator of the hotel no later than 2 hours before check-out time. Extension of stay in the same room is possible if there is no confirmed reservation in favor of third parties.

2.7 Walk-in guests who come from 22:00 till 8:00 with no reservation are checked-in only until check-out time, prolongation of stay is executed according to paragraph 2.6. Is a guest stays no longer than 24 hours payment is charged for one night regardless of check-in and check-out time.

2.8 If a guest arrives earlier than check-in time and their room is free and ready to move in, it is possible to check-in with agreement of the Hotel management. If there are no available rooms, early check-in is not possible.

2.9 Payment is charged according to the Hotel prices stated by the Hotel management and according to check-out time — 12:00 local time. Payment is accepted in Russian rubles by cash, credit cards or wire transfer. Checking into the Hotel is possible only after payment for the whole stay. Receipt for tax purposes and final invoice are given at checking out.

2.10 Payment is charged according to check-out time. Extension of period of stay is paid as follows.

2.11 In case of refuse of stay or early check-out the management has the right to retain the cost of one night from the prepayment.

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